Monday, 16 May 2011

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Why attend a Wedding Fayre?
Many people have asked me, what is a wedding fayre, how do they work, and why do so many people attend them? My answer is the same to all. Wedding Fayres are a fun and interactive way of ‘window shopping’ with Herefordshire local wedding suppliers, seeing their owners/employees and their products/services in the flesh – so much better than through a website or brochure!

At wedding fayres, you should be able to speak to many wedding professionals, touch and try, taste and sample and of course, view. Wedding fayres are a collection of businesses brought together by the event organiser, at a venue, who display their products / services to the best of their ability.
What’s a good wedding fayre? A decent wedding fayre will be at a relatively large venue, with a good number of exhibitors, that are the best locally, and that produce a display that gives a feeling of professionalism and quality. The event organiser should arrange the businesses in such a way that it makes it interesting for the bride and her accompanying people (usually friends and mothers) , for example, not 2 florists positioned together. It should be vibrant and interactive, and the vibe of the event should be friendly, informal yet professional and productive.

Wedding fayres are usually free, and can give brides fantastic inspiration and, of course, important contacts and quotations – as we all know, weddings in this modern world, are VERY expensive normally, should one opt for the ‘traditional’ wedding.

Ellis Wedding Shows put on a small number of shows each year, this year the May Ellis Wedding Show 2011 at The Chase Hotel, with almost 50 exhibitors, that has a free entry, free gift bag and wedding magazine & planner, and free (yet limited) parking, is on Monday 30th May from 11am to 4pm and the second at The Chase Hotel is on Sunday 20th November – ‘Ellis Winter Wonderland Wedding Show 2011’.

What’s more, names such as Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Virgin Holidays, AVON and Debenhams Wedding Service promote themselves through the shows – proving the credibility. The dedication put into these shows is evident in the wide display of business, showcasing wonderful work.

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