Friday, 19 July 2013

Wye Valley Circular Walk from Symonds Yat to Monmouth

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees centigrade (86’F) I set of reasonably early to avoid the midday heat. Upon arrival I ordered a pot of tea at The Saracens Head Inn and absorbed the views across the River Wye. Upon leaving the balcony from The Saracens Head take a left turn and start to make your way along the footpath along side of the river. The staff at The Saracens Head will be more than happy to give you directions on where to go but all is clearly sign posted along the way.

After a short walk you will come across the rapids at Symonds Yat, very popular with canoeists, not just the rapids but the whole section of this part of the river, with canoe hire readily available.
Symonds Yat Rapids

Once past the rapids the river is very calm with great woodland surroundings to view along the way.

River Wye Symonds Yat

The walk is clearly marked out with plenty of signs to keep you on the right path
Symonds Yat Walks

As you proceed along the walk you will see Biblins Bridge, this is a single track rope bridge with solid flooring and feels very safe walking across. At this point you could cross the bridge and double back on yourself and catch the rope ferry back across the river to where you started. If not keep walking straight on.
Biblins Bridge Symonds Yat
You will pass Lady Wood Park, one of the few woods in Britain where long term research has been carried out to study the changes that take place when people do not interfere with natural processes.

The route is popular with walkers and cyclists alike along the way
Symonds Yat Cycling

When you reach the Wye Bridge at Monmouth, which itself is a grade 2 listed building, cross over and you will see the Monmouth rowing club, there is easy access to join the river bank and walk along past the rowing club.

Just as you pass the rowing club glance back to the bridge and admire the views

Monmouth Bridge

So far this walk would have taken about two hours, along the return path you will encounter a few kissing gates
Wye Valley Walk

A point of interest along the way is St Peter’s ChurchSt Peters Church Wye Valley

You will pass through a pleasant woodland area with some great views of the limestone rock. After which you will exit onto open fields
Wye Valley Walk Symonds Yat

As you approach to the point at which you started you will clearly see a wooden sign post for ‘The Rope Ferry’.
Symonds Yat Rope Ferry

Once on the ferry admire the views up and down stream

The whole circular walk takes about 4 hours.
Hope you enjoy part of the Wye Valley Walk an area of outstanding beauty.

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