Sunday, 3 November 2013

Conningsby Hospital Museum Widemarsh St Hereford

Conningsby Hospital Museum is located in Widemarsh St Hereford, HR4 2NP. parts of the chapel and hall are 13th century which was once occupied by Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.

In 1614 Sir Thomas Coningsby of Hampton Court Hereford, founded the almshouse as a refuge for soldiers and an ex-serviceman.

Conningsby Hospital Hereford

 Today the museum is set in an attractive rose garden.
Conningsby Hospital Hereford Rose Garden
 View the stone Preaching Cross set within the garden, the only surviving example of an open-air friar's preaching cross left in the England.
Conningsby Hospital , Preaching Cross
 visit the Chapel that is still in use today by the Order of St. John.

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