Thursday, 23 January 2014

White Haywood Farm Restaurant And B&B - An #sbs Winner - Theo Pathitis

White Haywood Farm Restaurant and B&B was recently chosen as an #SBS Winner of which there are now…

…approximately 600 winners nationwide amongst the 4.5 million small businesses that operate in The British Isles.

White Haywood Farm Restaurant and B&B, situated on the Herefordshire side of the Black Mountains, nestles at the foot of the mountains under the Black Hill in Craswell. The restaurant, at one time a 400-year-old stone barn, has been tastefully converted into a superb eatery and bar. Phillip and Pauline, the proprietors of the restaurant received an invitation to attend an exclusive event hosted by retail magnate and British entrepreneur Theo Paphitis.

White Haywood Farm Restaurant and B&B SBS Winners

Pauline the head cook of White Haywood Farm Restaurant said "We are very new winners but our website is receiving unbelievable traffic and our twitter feed has gone crazy. Thanks Theo you have made our year!

Theo’s new initiative, open only to SBS winners, is ‘SBS Angels’ which has a similar format to Dragons Den but the business gurus in this instance are previous Dragon’s Den winners.

White Haywood Farm Restaurant locally won Flavours of Herefordshire 'Best Steak Award 2013' and flavours of Herefordshire Food Champion 2011.

Please feel free to call White Haywood Farm Restaurant to book a table, dont leave it to late though!

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