Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A trip from Hereford to Leominster Herefordshire

A trip from Hereford to Leominster Herefordshire, on rout you pass Queens Wood located midway between Hereford and Leominster along the A49 at the top of Dinemore and is a popular spot for families and couples of all ages all year round. There is plenty of free car parking upon arrival. At the entrance you will see a building and to the right of that there is a picnic area with traditional wooden seating and tables, plenty to do here which is a mini adventure play ground to keep  the family entertained and lovely walks through the wood.

Upon arrival at Leominster a visit to The Priory Church is a must visit. The Priory Church dates from the middle of the 12th century with later additions.

A nunnery in 660 A.D., it was rebuilt in the 12th century. The unique tower has work of early Norman, Transitional, Early English, Decorated and Perpendicular periods. The reformation of 1539 led to partial destruction. Inside are many interesting features including England's last used ducking stool.
Priory Church Leominster

From there we took a look at Grange Court the last surviving market house known to be built by John Abel, the King's carpenter. It is ornately decorated with beautiful and bizarre wooden carvings, giving it a Grade II listed status.
Grange Court,Leominster

From Grange Court we visited Leominster Tourist information centre and greeted by friendly staff and free cakes. Always partial to a bit of cake.

Leominster itself is a good starting point should you be wanting to take a tour of the picturesque Black and White Villages of North Herefordshire

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